Sugar spheres can be used as neutral starter core for slow release formulations filled in capsules or compressed in tablets. The spherical shape is an advantage for any coating process.

The use of sugar spheres is highly appropriate especially for combination drugs.
Our excipients are the most effective solution to allow the use of several different API at the same time.

We are able to supply a first quality product - in sizes ranging from 1700 to 200 micron - which can also be customized to suit specific requirements of any pharmaceutical industry.

Our Sugar Spheres meet all specifications as outlined in the USP/NF, JP and in the EP current edition.

Our professional expertise is recognized world-wide. The export represents 80% of the turnover, and is focus on Europe, India, Japan, South America and Middle East.

Our permanent goal is to maintain the highest level of quality on the market. The customers satisfaction is our priority.